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Quality Service

Rock Weld Oilfield Services has dedicated and invested decades of expertise into protecting your drilling products. We are proud to announce the remodeling and renovation of our Texas facility, which makes its home on 8 acres in Houston, TX with a convenient location that is within close proximity to all major roadways and shipping ports and channels.


We also have field offices that serve vast mobile regions throughout Canada the US.  Our shops enable the ability to provide the optimal environment for applications while also giving us the ability to perform multifunctional services on both ends of your tubular products at the same time. This new age technology equates to minimal and efficient handling time with the end result being a cost saving for our customer.  Quality, safe and convenient work is ultimately Rock Weld’s goal in customer satisfaction. Having ample space at all of our locations for your tubular products gives us the ability to store, track and maintain our valued customer’s inventory product.


As an oilfield service company, we provide both in-house plant services as well as our custom mobile hardbanding units. We have the ability to bring our specialty services to any location around the globe.

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